Long tour from Sognefjellet via Fannaråken down Utladalen

by DNT Oslo og Omegn

You can experience many scenic gems in a short space of time on this tour: Glacier walk to Fannaråken, the fertile Utladalen valley with Skogadalsbøen lodge set in the green landscape among high mountains, Vettismorki, an open summer pasture area with beautiful views of Stølsmaradalen valley, and Vettisfossen waterfall in all its glory.

Day 1: Sognefjellshytta to Fannaråkhytta (10 km)

A guide accompanies you across the glacier and up to Fannaråkhytta lodge (2,069 metres above sea level). Estimated time approx. 5 hours. There are daily guided trips from Sognefjellshytta lodge during the summer season, and guided trips can be booked at Sognefjellshytta the evening before at the latest. You can enjoy unparalleled panoramic views from the top, of Galdhøpiggen and Glittertind in the distance, and the majestic Hurrungane mountains due south. You can also see the Breheimen mountains and Jostedalsbreen glacier to the north and west.

Day 2: Fannaråkhytta to Skogadalsbøen (10,9 km)

The hike down from Fannaråkhytta to Skogadalsbøen lodge may be one of the most beautiful hikes in the whole of Norway. We guarantee a fantastic hiking experience, with spectacular views, lush scenery and the beautiful Utladalen valley. Estimated time approx. 4 hours. 

Day 3: Skogadalsbøen to Avdalen gård (12,6 km)

Across Friken and out towards the Fleskedalen valley to Vettismorki, and then a steep descent to Vetti Gard lodge. Then continue on a gravel road towards Hjelle and a steep ascent up to Avdalen Gård lodge. Estimated time approx. 7-8 hours. You can also spend the night at Vetti Gård (simple service, 1.5 hours shorter).

Day 4: Avdalen gård to Hjelle (2 km)

To Hjelle, approx. 1 hour walk. You can take a bus down to Øvre Årdal from there for transport onwards.

About the tour

Area: Jotunheimen, Jotunheimen National Park, Utladalen protected area
Type: Hike
Classification: Red | Demanding
Length and duration: 37,6 km | 4 days | One way from A-B
Elevation profile: 1 518 elevation metres in total
Season: June - September

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