Five-day hiking tour in Alvdal Vestfjell

by DNT Oslo og Omegn

Alvdal Vestfjell mountains: A lake with fascinating clear water and Store Sølnkletten mountain in the background
Alvdal Vestfjell mountains: A lake with fascinating clear water and Store Sølnkletten mountain in the background Foto: Morten Kleven

Alvdal Vestfjell is situated due east of the Rondane mountains, like a little brother to the giant in the west. The area is characterised by, among other things, the fascinating green and white hues of the moss and lichen that extend up the mountainside livening up the granite.

Route: Dølbekkseter - Korsberghytta - Storgrytdalseter - Breisjøseter - Korsberghytta - Dølbekkseter

Day 1: Dølbekkseter - Korsberghytta (8 km)

The tour starts at Dølbekkseter, and, after a couple of hours, you arrive at Korsberghytta cabin. The road up from Dølbekksætran is of a very poor standard.

Day 2: Korsberghytta - Storgrytdalseter (7 km)

The tour continues the following day to the newly restored and extended Storgrytdalseter cabin. The path is in beautiful, easy-to-walk mountain terrain 1,000 metres above sea level.

Day 3: Storgrytdalseter - Breisjøseter (11 km)

The tour continues on day 3 to the staffed Breisjøseter lodge, which has a lot to offer families with children, with a climbing trail, caves to discover and canoe hire. The lodge is situated at the foot of Storsølnkletten, which makes for a great hike if you decide to stay at the cabin. The tour takes you just above the treeline, through varied landscapes and across numerous streams and rivers.

Day 4: Breisjøseter - Korsberghytta (14 km)

The path back to Korsberghytta cabin is the longest and most difficult leg. The ascent of slightly more than 300 metres means it’s a good idea to allow a little extra time. When you get to Korsberghytta cabin, it’s simply a matter of relaxing and enjoying cabin life.

Day 5: Korsberghytta - Dølbekkseter (8 km)

The final leg of the tour is simple and easy to walk. Most of the day’s walking is downhill from Korsberghøa to the car park at Dølbekkseter. Same route as on day 1.

About the tour

Area: Alvdal Vestfjell
Type: Hike
Classification: Red | Demanding
Length and duration: 49,9 km | 5 days | Roundtrip
Elevation profile: 1594 elevation metres in total
Season: June - October

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