Social Responsibility

DNT works to benefit outdoor activities. For nearly a hundred years, DNT has been involved in conservation in Norway. DNT believes that everyone should have access to unlimited experience in the outdoors. This right is ensured by the Public Right of Access, which is a cornerstone of DNT's values.

Outdoor activities deserve a key place in Norwegian conservation, and DNT co-operates with other voluntary organizations to counter the pressures put on and threats to outdoor areas. DNT believes that the effort to protect areas against development and disruption is vital. DNT lobbies for strict regulation of motorized transport in the wilderness, because it damages landscape and threatens the values of the outdoor experience. At the same time, DNT acknowledges the challenge of supporting local business development that aids outdoor activities and the outdoors, as living mountains need viable villages.

DNT aims to give more children and youth a solid foundation for lifetime appreciation of outdoor life. It works to promote outdoor life in schools and pre-schools as well to focus on the health benefits of outdoor activities in the years to come.