Local food is a part of the experience

The Norwegian kitchen has long standing traditions. It is based on high quality produce from a rich and varied landscape. Along the coast and in the mountain regions, a unique culinary culture has emerged.

The Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) offers staffed and fully serviced lodges in the national parks and in the popular mountain areas. The lodges serve local dishes. The meals are prepared in different ways, both according to traditional recipes and inspired by international cuisine.

Local specialities are made from raw materials from the vicinity of the cabins. Berries and fungi are gathered from the forest, and many herbs and vegetables are grown organically. Mountain lakes and rivers provide fresh fish. Moose, reindeer, sheep and goats have all grazed in the surrounding forests and mountains.

The foodstuffs are processed locally. In this way, we contribute to preserving mountain villages and their culture, as well as enable future generations to experience the mountains as we know them. Local processing also means that the raw materials are fresh and healthy. Furthermore, the impact of pollution from transport is reduced to a minimum.

The beautiful Norwegian nature leaves its stamp on the food. When you taste the mountain trout melting on your tongue, you may hear the sounds of the river. And if you close your eyes and inhale the scent of freshly roasted lamb, you may catch a glimpse of the sun rising over the moors.

DNT is proud to offer culinary experiences rooted in traditions and history, while aiming for a sustainable future. Local mountain fare is food with a view.

DNT lodges serving local food

Nineteen lodges in eight different mountain areas offer local fare:

  • Setesdals- og Ryfylkeheiene: Gaukhei and Stranddalen
  • Hardangervidda: Haukeliseter, Kalhovd, Mogen, Litlos, Sandhaug and Rauhelleren
  • Skarvheimen: Iungsdalshytta
  • Huldreheimen: Liomseter
  • Jotunheimen: Fondsbu, Gjendesheim, Glitterheim and Skogadalsbøen
  • Breheimen: Nørdstedalseter and Sota Sæter
  • Femundsmarka: Svukuriset
  • Trollheimen: Gjevilvasshytta and Jøldalshytta

If you are lucky, you may also experience local fare at other cabins.