Loading your pack

Loading a pack is not as simple as it may seem at the outset, but there are a few guidelines for orderly loading that makes a pack easier to carry.

  • Save for light items, such as a sleeping pad, you should load all items into your pack.
  • Place heavier items close in to the back. For on-foot hiking in summer, many prefer to have heavy items high up in the pack.
  • Put your sleeping bag at the bottom of the pack.
  • Put frequently-used items, such as rainwear, change of clothing, food, camping stove and the like, easily accessible in the top flap or side pockets.
  • Carry your map and compass or GPS in a pocket or a map case.
  • Pack items in plastic bags or waterproof pack bags, so they stay dry in rainy weather. 
  •  Ensure that the weight is equally divided between both sides of the pack.
Loading a pack for skiing

If you will ski with a pack, place heavier items close in to the back, low down in the pack, to keep its weight centre low.