Important information for guided winter tours

All participants on DNT Oslo and Omegn guided winter tours are obliged to carefully read the below information before booking. The information is helpful when deciding which tour to join and when preparing for your Norwegian mountain experience.

Before booking

A tour for your fitness level

Participating on our guided winter tours should be fun! It is important to choose a tour that is not too challenging for you, in order to prevent that the joy of skiing in beautiful mountains is ruined by an experience of too heavy climbs and too exhausting snow and weather conditions.

All tours are for skiers with previous experience with mountain skiing and the tours differ in grade and length. Please read our tour grading carefully so that you do not underestimate the difficulty of a ski tour when you are deciding which tour to join. If you are a beginner we recommend to start with a tour graded Easy (green), with permanent stay at one of our lodges and day trips from there. As you get more experienced you can increase the level of difficulty. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact our DNT Tour Information Centre for advice.

Tour preparations

It is advisable to start with your fitness preparations early, as getting into shape is not something that happens overnight (although some of us have a secret wish that it was). Remember that skiing in mountain terrain, with the uncertainty of snow and weather conditions and a backpack weighing up to 14 kilos, differs from regular exercise in urban terrain. If you are going on a cabin-to-cabin ski tour, we highly recommend that you do some training with the backpack you are going to use on the ski tour before leaving for the Norwegian mountains.

Clothing and equipment

It is essential to bring suitable clothing and equipment for all weather conditions when skiing in the mountains. With the rule of thumb “Pack light and don’t bring too much”, packing correctly requires planning. Please see our recommended winter hiking gear list if skiing from cabin-to-cabin. If you are going on a tour with permanent stay at one of you lodges, you do not need everything that is listed. All participants on our guided ski tours have to bring water resistant clothing/rain gear, their own sleeping bag, sleeping mat, windsack/emergency bivouac and shovel.  Remember to bring a towel.

You may find information about rental of skiing equipment in Norway here.

For mountain ski touring in unprepared trails, you will need broader skis, more robust boots and bindings and stronger ski poles with larger baskets, than you might choose for skiing in prepared cross-country trails. Note that heavy slalom skis and randonné skis with continental boots are not appropriate for the conditions, and must not be used.

Maps and compass

Free overview maps that show the cabins, marked routes, time distances between the cabins etc. may be obtained from our DNT Tour Information Centre. The tour description on lists the detailed maps you will need, mainly recommending maps in scale 1:50 000, or scale 1:100 000 if the preferred scale does not exist. Please make sure that you get the latest edition. You can purchase maps from the DNT web-shop before the tour and get plenty of practice in map and compass reading skills when in the mountains.

The DNT Tour leaders

All our tour guides have completed the DNT’s special training course for winter tour leaders or other training of the same standard and quality. Our winter tour leaders have experience with skiing tours, and show a high level of skill and expertise when it comes to touring the mountains in winter. Our tour leaders are not professional tour guides, as tour guiding is not their job or profession. They lead the tours on a voluntary basis, motivated by their passion for the mountains, for skiing, for being on tour with others who share the same interest, and for the DNT.


Safety on our winter tours is based on the 9 points in the Norwegian mountain code. If an accident should occur during the course of the tour, the DNT tour leaders have first aid competence. The tour safety will also be enhanced when all participants’ respect and at all times keep in mind the “Participants responsibility” outlined in our general terms and conditions, section 11. Accidents that require external assistance can happen, and even though most tours follow way-marked routes many places in the Norwegian mountains do not have mobile phone coverage. This means that it may be necessary to make the way to a place where it is possible to call for aid, and it may therefore take time before assistance will arrive.

Accommodation and meals

Accommodation will mainly be in 4 to 6 bedded rooms. However, the policy of the lodges is that there is always room, and in periods with large number of mountain hikers, even groups can be asked to stay in larger rooms or dorms. For overnight stay in our lodges/cabins you need to bring your own sheet sleeping bag/sleeping bag if not stated otherwise in the tour description. Shower is at an additional charge. For self service cabins beds have not been reserved and the tour leader organise the sleeping arrangements in consultation with other guests/cabin attendant. In these cabins, all participants must help with cooking, dishwashing, water supply, cleaning and general house-keeping. All lodges and cabins are non smoking.

Three meals are included each day except the first and last day. These are breakfast-buffet, lunch pack with a filling for your own thermos flask and 3-course dinner. The first meal is normally dinner on arrival at the first lodge. If the journey to and from the mountains is early in the morning, it is advised to bring a packed lunch or purchase a meal or snack on the way. The last meal is breakfast with self made lunch pack and a filling of your own thermos flask, if not stated otherwise.

Tour departure meeting point and times

If you have booked a tour with transportation you will find details about the place and time of tour departure in the tour description on or in your booking confirmation e-mail. Please note that the tour itinerary on is subject to alterations due to time schedule changes. Consult your booking confirmation for the correct travel information. If alterations are needed after you have received your booking confirmation, we will contact you on the phone or by e-mail, and send you an updated booking confirmation.

Please register with the tour leader at the latest 20 minutes before train or bus departure, and before you enter the train or bus. The tour leader will be at the tour meeting point with a list with the name of all participants and all tickets, usually wearing a red or purple jacket and a recognisable DNT-logo.

Meeting point for departures with:

Train: By the platform exit in the main departure hall in Oslo Central Station. Please consult the monitors to find out which platform it is.

Bus: In the platform exit area in the main hall in Oslo Bus Terminal, Schweigaardsgt. 8-10, oslo. Please see the monitors to find out which platform it is.

DNT Membership

Everyone can book our guided tours; you do not need to be a DNT member. If you are not a member or a collaborating trekking association, you will have to pay an additional fee when booking. If you wish to become a member you can easily join the DNT here.

Explore more of Norway, Extend your stay!

How does staying a few extra days in the mountains sound? You can book a tour without transport or with transport one way and have a longer stay in the first or last lodge of the ski tour. Alternatively, you can participate on two guided ski tours and get to explore different mountain areas. Please contact our DNT Tour Information Centre to get advice about which tours that can be combined.