DNT's Activities

DNT’s member associations specialize in tours. Accordingly, they train and qualify leaders for both summer and winter tours. Each year, more than 4000 tours, courses and other activities draw more than 100,000 participants. DNT leads the country in offering mountain sports and adventure activities and each year arranges courses in mountaineering and glacier hiking.

Children's Trekking Club

In 1999, DNT founded the Children's Trekking Club to draw children to outdoor activities early in life. Today the Club has more than 16,000 members, 12 years old and younger. Almost all DNT member associations have Children's Trekking Club activities tat vary from day hikes, overnight hikes, lean-to hikes, ice fishing, climbing, moonlight tours, ghost tours, grandparents' tours, coast camps to family base camps and much more. Activities are arranged nearby, along the coast and in the mountains. DNT suggests that children learn the joy of the outdoors together with adults, and the member associations also arrange trips for older children without their adult family members. Children who join the Children's Trekking Club have their own membership cards and regularly are sent information from the local associations on tours and activities. The Club mascot is Turbo Arctic Fox, a happy chap always trekking the mountains together with his girlfriend, Turid Field Mouse.

DNT Youth

The number of young people trekking and joining DNT is on the upswing. In 2016, the membership of DNT Youth passed 40,000 to become the country's largest organization of its sort. DNT Youth is for people 13 - 26 years old. There are two member categories, school age (13-18) and youth/student (19-26). Common for both categories are low membership prices and half-price lodgings at cabins (2016). DNT arranges many absorbing activities for youth. Several times a year, Base Camp is held and includes activities such as mountain climbing, rafting and glacier hiking that expand the attraction and challenge of traditional mountain trekking. The Base Camps are tent camps, and the joint activities of preparing meals and planning tours make strong bonds. Suggestions for tours and information on arranged tours are available online at www.dnt-ung.no with the details of twenty some local groups of DNT Youth.

DNT Mountain Sports

DNT Mountain Sports is one of the country's leaders in holding mountain climbing and glacier hiking courses. The local Mountain Sports groups in the DNT member associations offer a wide range of courses in glacier hiking and climbing as well as training in other activities requiring special skills. DNT Mountain Sports also brings together those who seek challenge beyond traditional cabin-to-cabin trekking. Visit www.dntfjellsport.no for updated information and tour offers.