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DNT main office:

Den Norske Turistforening
Youngstorget 1
0181 Oslo

Tel: +47 4000 1868

The DNT Oslo Tour Information 

Tel: +47 22822800 

Visiting adress: Storgata 3, Oslo
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Opening hours phone: Mon - Fri: 10:00 - 15:00

Opening hours Tour Information:
Mon - Fri: 10 - 17
Thu: 10 - 18
Sat: 11 - 16

The DNT Tour Information in Oslo is the main contact centre for all questions concerning ski- and hiking in the Southern Norwegian mountains. The staff has much experience and knowledge in mountaineering. The tour information will help you out with specific questions, find the correct map and other questions about your trip. 

Please check out Faq and see if you can get the information you need here. 

Other DNT Tour Information Contacts:



Phone: +47 55 33 58 10 

Adress: Tverrgaten 4-6, Bergen



Phone:+47 73 92 42 00

Adress: Sandgata 30, Trondheim



Phone: +47 51 84 02 00

Adress: Olav Vs gate 18, Stavanger