DNT-Cabins in Breheimen

If you wish to experience mountains and valleys, glaciers and peaks without running into too many people, head for Breheimen. It is the variation that makes Breheimen so captivating, ranging from winter conditions on the glaciers, spring down on the hillsides and summer in the valleys. 

Staffed lodges

Staffed lodges are run by hosts. Your food is served to you, and you can spend the night in a two-bed or multiple-bed room, or in a dormitory. The lodges are of a good, simple standard with electricity, showers and a drying room for your hiking gear.

Self-service cabins

Self-service cabins vary in size, from 5 to around 50 beds. The cabins are equipped with duvets and pillows, and cooking facilities with pots and plates etc., and firewood. You can buy food from a well-stocked range of food items; dinner options, sandwich toppings, crackers, coffee and tea etc. The cabins are locked with DNT’s standard key, and may have a warden during the season.