A guide to ut.nO

Ut.no is a site for planning and finding ideas for walks, hikes and trekking in Norway, and includes maps and descriptions of trails, routes, suggested hikes and cabins/lodges along the routes. The information is in Norwegian only, but this guide seeks to help English language users navigate on ut.no and to help them make use of the information without using translating tools.

This page is being updated during the summer 2022.

The map

Kart on ut.no is the map with symbols and filtration options. 

The cabins and lodges

Hytter is the collective Norwegian term for staffed lodges, self-service cabins and no-service cabins. They are shown in the map and with detailed descriptions. 

Hiking tour suggestions

Turforslag is a selection of hiking tour suggestions, and it is a filter in the map. 

Check in on an ut.no list

Lister on ut.no are themed suggestions of places to see and visit, that allows for a digital check-in for those creating a profile on ut.no and registering in the ut.no app or web-page. 

Dictionary and thesaurus

Norwegian-English dictionary of words and phrases used on ut.no in alpabetical order.

Hytter = Cabins and lodges
Høydeprofil = Elevation profile
Kart = Map
Liste/Lister = A list/lists
Lukk = Close
Mer om [...] = More about [...]
Skjul = Hide
Sommerstier = Summer trails
Steder = Places
Søk = Search
Turforslag = Tour suggestions
Turmål og steder = Places to see and visit
Vinterløyper = Way-marked winter routes
Vis = Show